After two games as a Junior Game Scripter, I was promoted to a Game Scripter just before work began on The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack for LEGO Dimensions. As before, I set up navmesh so AI characters could navigate through the levels, and scripted their behaviour whilst placing additional things they required - such as trigger bounds and nodes to move between.

I also spent a lot of time working on the Adventure World which involved making sure the traffic and pedestrian systems moved along the roads and pavements, setting up Quests, Puzzles, Renovations, Interior Locations and Ambient Events, and optimising to make sure the memory budgets on last gen platforms weren't exceeded.

This was a fairly demanding project due to time and resource constraints - for a while I was the only full-time scripter on the project and had a hand in the development of each section - but overall it turned out pretty good. I also had a character named after me in the guise of Officer Dan.

A playlist of some of the levels can be viewed here.

Two Face / Ivy
The opening of the story pack features a couple of fights against key characters from the Batman universe. Two-Face stands on an elevated platform and sends goons to take on the player, including Scarecrow flying in on a helicopter to throw bombs. Once the goons are disposed of, he aggressively fires his gun whilst being vulnerable to attacks from the Batarang.

As Two-Face is defeated, Poison Ivy rises out of the ground accompanied by vines. The vines slam down on her command and she blows kisses to stun the player. Making use of a mechanic that brings in objects from other dimensions, the vines must be destroyed (in either order) before Ivy can be taken out.

Towards the end of the game, the Bat-team come up against the Kraken. His behaviour only involves a couple of attacks - slamming and spitting - but it was sometimes a challenge to weave these into the flow of the level.

The final boss is surprisingly not a villain from Batman's rogues gallery, but instead the evil wizard from Harry Potter. He floats around towards the back of the level and summons goons to attack the player. The first three phases follow the same flow - goons are summoned and defeated, then Voldemort is exposed for attack. Stage 4 makes use of the Dimensions portals which can affect how he attacks, and even if he can attack. The final section then involves the player using a turret to defeat a bunch of goons before finally shooting He Who Must Not Be Named.

Adventure World
Each IP in Dimensions has its own Adventure World - a hub featuring quests and puzzles which unlock collectables. The Adventure World for the LEGO Batman Movie is Gotham City, featuring 6 quests, 18 puzzles and 4 interior locations - the Batcave, Clock Tower, LexCorp and Botanical Gardens. Whilst templates already existed in the form of the other hubs already in the game, a lot of this required very bespoke behaviour.

Ambient Events
Gotham has 3 types of Ambient Events that can randomly be stumbled across when wandering round:

  • Purse Snatches see a thug attempting to steal a purse from an innocent bystander. Once the player gets close enough the thug wins the purse and runs off. Should the player decide to give chase, they can get the purse back and return it for a reward of studs.

  • Brawls involve a bunch of goons stood around. If the player goes near them, they initiate a fight. Defeating them all will net a reward of studs.

  • Heists are a bit similar to brawls, but this time the goons are attempting to hijack a truck. The player can choose to stop them, or rob the contents of the truck for themselves (or both).

  • Quests
    All LEGO Dimensions Adventure Worlds feature a handful of Quests - mission givers who have a task that needs completing. Whilst I set up all of them for The LEGO Batman Movie, the Flash is one of my favourites. His goal is to hand out ice-cream to civilians (almost reminiscent of the World's Finest episode of Supergirl), although it was entirely coincidental), but needs to make sure the bad guys don't get in his way.

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