Fletch: Dawn of the Golden Eagle is a final year group project created as part of my degree in Computer and Video Games. A playthrough of the game can be viewed below.

The first playable section of the game is in the hub world - the island of Viveria. The path to the village was constructed to tutorialise the basic mechanics - movement, jumping and checkpoints. Once in the village, the turtles will give out missions to be completed in each area. These areas - the Jungle, Mountain and Sky Fortress are accessed via portals placed throughout the village. Each of them is entered twice - first to rescue a turtle who keeps getting lost, then to take on the boss.

Before entering each area, a new suit is obtained. Depending on which suit is equipped affects what skills can be used. Combat allows for fighting, Acrobatic enables double jumping and Stealth can make Fletch go invisible. Upon defeating a boss, a key is obtained. With three keys collected the final boss, and end of the game, is accessible.

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