After releasing LEGO Jurassic World in summer 2015, work began on LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens which was released a year later. As well as telling the story from the film, there are levels that tell stories from the end of Return of the Jedi up to the beginning of The Force Awakens.

Contuining my role as a Junior Game Scripter, I set up navmesh to make sure that AI controlled characters were capable of navigating through the levels. I also placed characters and scripted their behaviour, along with placing any additional things in the editor which they required for their behaviour - like bounds to check if they, or another character, were inside and nodes to walk between.

A playlist featuring a bunch of levels I worked on can be seen here.

Emperor Boss Fight
The game opens with a lengthy series of levels that recount the Battle of Endor. Right in the middle of this sequence is a fight involving Luke and Vader taking down the Emperor. At the start of this, the Emperor is sat in his seat and gets his guards to attack. Once his guards are taken care of, he will begin to use his lightning attack while the player must use the Force to hit him with some objects dotted around. In the background a bunch of X-Wings and TIE Fighters battle with each other using the flight system.

After taking four hits, the Emperor will push the players down to the next area where he shields himself with debris and periodically throws some of it to damage the player. Following another three hits, the shield will break and he surrenders. But - it's a trap! A button bash sequence then takes place to end the fight.

Escape from Jakku
A few levels into the main story, Rey, Finn and BB-8 find themselves being hunted down by Stormtroopers and have to make their way off Jakku. This resulted in a level that mixed puzzles with combat. Whilst the puzzles were largely handled by another department, there are lots of characters with unique behaviours - particularly Stormtroopers doing specific actions before attacking.

Rathtar Hunting
One of the 'bridge' levels involves Han and Chewie looking for Rathtars. At the start there are 3 characters who move through the cave in front of the main party, but get snatched by Rathtar tentacles on the way through. There are also some goons, and a couple of button bash sequences against Rathtars.

Flight Levels
While flight sections have been included in LEGO games before, Force Awakens had a new system written for it. The script setup for the on-rails levels featured placing splines for enemy / ally ships to fly along and placing trigger areas to make sure that things happened as intended. During arena and cockpit levels we set up the objective markers and controlled the spawning, and sometimes behaviour, of AI ships.

Blaster Battles
A new feature introduced in The Force Awakens is Blaster Battles. At a few points during the game, the characters come up against a barrage of enemies and have to take cover. Objectives are pointed out with icons appearing at the top of the screen - usually take out a certain number of enemies, or destroy a specific target. There was a lot of refining involved in getting the number of enemies and where they stand just right, but having one of the levels having a Blaster Battle during an anti-gravity section was a challenge.

One of the bonus levels was set on the Millenium Falcon's Holochess board. The objective of the level was to defeat several waves of enemies, with most waves featuring a 'boss' character at the end. The characters in the background were scaled up at the start of the level and react whenever the player dies or completes a wave. Each of the enemies that appears in each wave spawns from a different section of the board to where the player is currently stood to encourage them to move around and to avoid the action taking place in just one corner. Bosses are the exception to that rule as they always spawn in front of the droids. This was a really fun level to set up and it stands out for being quite different from the rest.

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