Following just over a year at TT as a QA Tester, I changed roles and became a Junior Game Scripter with my first project as a developer being LEGO Jurassic World.

This new role entailed setting up navmesh to make sure that AI controlled characters are capable of navigating through the levels. It also involved placing characters and scripting their behaviour, along with placing any additional things in the editor which they required for their behaviour - like bounds to check if they, or another character, were inside and nodes to walk between.

A playlist of some levels I worked on can be seen here.

Trex v Spinosaurus
In the second chapter of Jurassic Park III, the humans have to make their way past a Trex fighting with a Spinosaurus. After solving a few puzzles, control then swaps from the humans to the Trex for a button bash sequence.

Raptor Tracking
During the opening section of the Jurassic World portion of the game is a level where the players take control of two raptors - Blue and Charlie. One of the aims of the level was showing off that the raptors are intelligent, and there were a series of puzzles designed for co-op.

As the games involve a drop-in, drop-out 2 player system, a lot of bespoke behaviour had to be written to get the AI controlled raptor to assist the human player with their current puzzle.

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